Enhanced privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California 

Privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union are designed solely with the consumer in mind. It is not just a compliance requirement, but should also be seen as an advantage for organisations who adhere to them well - instilling brand loyalty and creating a positive reputation of a company that respects and cares for people.

This paper will discuss the requirements of the newly enacted CCPA and the parallels between its ‘sister’ law, GDPR. We will look into examples for management of these regulations, such as registering risks and setting up mitigation tasks to remain compliant.

Alyne’s Control Sets are created exclusively around CCPA to comply with, identify existing gaps and follow a best practice approach.

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Alyne's CCPA Features

To comply with CCPA, organisations can leverage Alyne's developing CCPA capability through:
Sec_2 Conduct Assessments
  • CCPA Control Set

    Use the custom control set exclusively created around CCPA to set controls.

  • Assessments

    Send out scalable Assessments to relevant stakeholders to analyse the current state of compliance.

  • Risk Reports

    Create and analyse risk reports to find out potential gaps and risks in the related areas

  • Risk Register

    Register potential risks and set up mitigation tasks to comply with the CCPA.